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Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Lost in Time is a nice take on a race game where players instead collect artifacts for a time machine spread across time à la Pikmin, controlling a mouse and an elephant to obtain the parts.

It's cool you were able to use the 3D printer for something in the game. I recall there was some understanding that it was difficult to remember to flip the pieces over whenever entering another era, so it could be a suggestion to separate mouse and elephant and make little figurines instead, so players have tangible things to replace. Or I suppose another route would be to have more mechanics that depend on these roles (I think I suggested some kind of penalty that could work) or some kind of reminder that encourages flipping where it then becomes a more regular occurrence.

As far as practical advice goes, I would recommend you separate your video into a separate download (maybe even link to a YouTube/Vimeo) so people would not need to download a 679MB file. Other things you could do which will make the download file smaller: action shots resized to 25% size and optimized for web, and only one page is needed for cards.pdf (with instructions to print 3 copies instead). This should result in a file size that's closer to 5MB in total. Also, do flesh out a quick description of the game.

I hope in future you choose to work with what you made further, whether it is an improvement or a whole new project with what you learnt from this one in mind. I personally did not have much interaction with your group, but can definitely see the effort and thought in your game. Well done! :)

Hi Torsten.

Thank you very much for your comment, critique, suggestions. Marie, Dennis and I are indeed planning to develop the game a bit further - take a seat, discuss the gameplay, rules, lore, visuals. And hopefully improve some if not all of it :)

We will also take into consideration everything written in your comment and upload a new version of the game once we're done.

And again, thank you for the jam. It was the first jam for all of us and we've had a blast!